It always hurts more to have and lose than to not have in the first place.
Kahled Hosseini (via onlinecounsellingcollege)


{ longing for autumn }

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a piece of advice from somebody who’s been through this a few times already: if somebody gives you a bad vibe trust your gut

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  • Everyone: 1 hour = 60 minutes
  • Me: 1 hour = three anime episodes
It all starts now.

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I swim for the future.

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why cant america just use celsius it’s so much easier to spell than feiehreirheineiheit


Tokyo Ghoul Week  Day 2 :: Sun and Moon
↳ A scene that made me happy and sad.

Kaneki and Hide's final meeting

"I already knew, man!
Who cares about that, let's just go home already!"

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Being a nice person is so fun

Waiter messes something up? You can see the relief on their faces when you don’t scream and swear at them about it

Extra tickets at an arcade/prize place? Watch a little kid’s face light up when you give them a bunch of tickets

There are too many assholes in this world. Be a nice person.


If someone points at your black clothes and asks you whose funeral is it, a look around the room and a casual “haven’t decided yet” is always a good response.



the only way I’ll wake up early

japanese prank shows are on a whole other level

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